Survey & Inspection

Survey & Inspection

This page lists inspection criteria used by this organization for all shipping containers. In general, any container used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or "CSC plate". CSC is the abbreviation for Container Safety Convention.

In order to avoid damage in transit, the container should, however, be properly inspected before and after packing. It recommends the following inspections:

Outside of container

  • No holes or cracks in walls or roof.
  • Doors operate properly.
  • Closing devices operate properly.
  • No adhesive labels from the previous cargo, e.g. IMO placards.
  • For flatracks: stanchions (if ordered) are complete and correctly fitted. For 40' flatracks: all lashing belts are present.
  • For open-top containers: roof bows are complete and correctly fitted.
  • For open-top containers: tarpaulins are undamaged and fit properly; ends of tarpaulin ropes are undamaged; all roof eyes are present.
  • For hard-top containers: roof is undamaged, roof locking mechanism fits and operates properly.

Inside of Container

  • Container is watertight. Test method: enter container, close both doors tightly and look for incoming light (e.g. through cracks, holes, door gaskets etc.).
  • Container interior is absolutely dry. (Wipe up any condensation or white frost in order to avoid corrosion and moisture damage of the cargo.)
  • Container is clean, free of cargo residues and neutral in odor.
  • No nails or other protrusions which could damage the cargo.

Reports & Certificate

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Used Containers

Gateway provides ISO Shipping containers in Cargo Worthy condition with CSC Plate.

  • Cargo worthy condition.
  • Grading A, B, C.
  • CSC approval.

New Containers

Gateway supplies new ISO-certified containers in a variety of sizes and specifications.

  • CSC approval.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Make to order.

Container One Way Leasing

Gateway provides Container One-way Leasing service between Eurasia countries & areas.
  • Package price.
  • Available at main ports.
  • Damage cover(DPP) included.