Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

The majority of used containers are typically 10-15 years old when sold by the international shipping interests that originally owned and operated the equipment in international trade. Most are sold as they are considered to have reached the end of their practical working life. This does not however mean that containers are valueless or without new productive applications. Therefore we have our grading system that addresses the important aspects depending upon the intended use: 

  • New (brand new or one trip)
  • Premium or IICL-5 (2 to 8 years old): Excellent condition, meets specific repair standards suitable for regular cargo use. 
  • CW - Cargo Worthy (Over 8 years old): Structurally sound, suitable for project or single move shipping. 
  • WWT - Wind and watertight (over 8 years old): Suitable for storage. 
  • AS IS: Minor damage, should be inspected prior to purchase. 
  • Handyman: Needs work, damage to the container could be expensive to repair. 

By default, Gateway sales used containers in Cargo Worthy condition

Generally all used containers have been used in the shipping industry for over 10 years, so there will be some level of physical obsolescence such as minor dents and exterior rust. We inspect every one of our units and will warrant them to be structurally sound and watertight. We are known for quality used cargo containers.

Yes, very. Shipping containers are made for transporting goods across the oceans – often on decks of ships. They have heavy duty rubber door seals which keep out the elements. Used shipping containers sold into the storage and the re-use market can have damaged door seals or damage to the steel roof or sides but most companies selling used containers will ensure that they are inspected and repaired before they are delivered or released. There are low-grade containers around which have usually been sold and used before and then sold on again. These containers will often be at least 15 to 20 years old and whilst some of this age can be in very good condition there is a risk that there may be corrosion or damage to doors, sides, roof etc. It is a case of ‘let the buyer beware’ and ‘you get what you pay for’. There is a strong market for new and used shipping containers so expect to pay a fair market price for a good wind and watertight container.


Shipping containers – especially more recent ones which are of high manufactured quality – are very robust and well over-specified for use as storage. Storage is unlikely to submit a shipping container to the rigours of sea transport with cargo. A new shipping container put directly into storage use could be expected to last up to 50 years. Obviously this depends on many factors such as the type of use they are put to or if the original structure or paint work has been disturbed as a result of modifications. A used container will last less time because it will already have had a life at sea and in transport but they will still give very good service and there is no reason why a good standard used container cannot last 20 years. Life expectancy of a used container will depend mainly on the condition of the doors and the roof.

  1. 集装箱总重有30480,32500,24000等多个规格,行业内默认的交易条件为:适货标准,随机放箱。我司默认报价也基于此默认条件。客户指定总重在某些时候可能不产生额外费用,但是在某些时候,可能会产生额外费用,例如可能因此产生验箱费,翻箱费等。所以建议只有在客户有特殊要求时,在个别合同做出约定。
  2. 客户在装箱时不但不得超过集装箱的最大载重量。而且还应符合《货物运输组件装载实操规则》(Code of Practice of the Packing of Cargo Transport Units, CTU规则)。例如:装载时要使箱底的负荷均衡,不要使负荷偏在一端或一侧,特别是要严格禁止货物重心偏在一端的情况。
  3. 目前集装箱程租行业多使用租箱公司或船公司退役的二手集装箱船级社授权的ACEP自动检验程序自箱属发生变化时已经失效。我司默认不对出售或出租的集装箱装载重量做出承诺。如果客户要求确保,可请船级社对集装箱进行再度检验,或者使用箱龄为5年内船级社CSC认证在有效期限的集装箱。客户的要求可能带来我司报价以及可供应资源的变化。
  4. 因船级社的检验费用很高,通常还不接受对零星的二手集装箱进行检验认证。故建议客户购买验箱公司提供的CSC INSPECTION服务,我司代办费用USD65/unit.

所谓几成新,是个主观指标,每个人的评价标准是不一样的,容易产生误差和争议, 所以国脉集装箱不以几成新为标准出售集装箱。国脉集装箱保证所售的集装箱均符合适货标准(Cargo Worthy),即:箱门打开270度;不漏水、不漏光;清洁、干燥、无味、无尘;四柱六面八角完好;符合ISO标准;附带CSC铭牌;满足多种机械作业;适用于多式联运;适用于多种货物装载(特种货除外)。符合验箱公司适货(Cargo Worthy)标准。



应客户要求,国脉集装箱可以代办验箱,提供验箱照片和验箱报告,中国港口的收费标准为RMB150/箱 或  USD25/箱



  • 根据IICL或者CW标准钢材维修
  • 防风防水
  • 设计和制造符合ISO标准
  • 符合CSC安全运输规则
  • 内部或者外部有少量浮锈
  • 轻度凹陷与划痕,不影响货运
  • 非常好的外观
  • 适用于长期租赁,出口运输及仓储


  • 根据CW标准钢材维修
  • 防风防水
  • 设计和制造符合ISO标准
  • 符合CSC安全运输规则
  • 内部或者外部有少量到中量浮锈
  • 轻度到中度凹陷与划痕,不影响货运
  • 良好的外观
  • 适用于出口运输和仓储


  • 根据CW标准钢材维修
  • 防风防水
  • 设计和制造符合ISO标准
  • 符合CSC安全运输规则
  • 内部或者外部有中量到大量浮锈
  • 轻度到重度凹陷与划痕,不影响货运
  • 普通的外观
  • 适用于单程出口运输


  • 国脉集装箱默认销售标准为适货标准,即不低于C级,如果客户指定购买B级或者A级,则须同时购买验箱服务;如客户不购买验箱服务,则国脉集装箱仅仅承诺适货标准,即不低于C级。
  • 各等级的销售价格有一定差异。
  • 二手集装箱并无国际评级标准,每家销售商的等级标准并不一定相同或相似。