12. Pick-up

  • Interchange of the Release Order: Release Order is issued or forwarded subject to the receipt of Purchase Price by Seller. Buyer should specify an Email Address for receiving of the release order. If there is no written notice to specify the Email Address from Buyer, Seller will send the Release Order to the Email Address which has been used to provide the proof of payment or Purchasing Order. It will be deemed that Seller has released the Equipment to the Buyer. Buyer should keep confidential for the Release Order & the relevant information. Any loss if occurred due to the disclosing of any or all the information by Buyer, will be on Buyer’s responsibility. Buyer has the responsibility to pick up the Equipment in time according to the Attentions, Terms & Conditions of the Release Order.
  • Pick-Up: The Equipment should be picked up within 10 days after the Release Order has been issued or forwarded. Thereafter Seller has the right to charge to the buyer storage rates amounting to USD2/Day/20’, USD4/Day/40’. The buyer is requested to recheck in advance with the respective depot whether the units are ready for pick up. In case that is not done by Seller cannot be held responsible or any consequential costs are wasted haulage etc.
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