1. Quotation

(1)      Seller’s quotation is valid for 3 days unless otherwise specified.The price is subject to change without notice.

(2)      Seller’s quotation supersedes any previously quoted rate.

(3)      Seller’s quotation is subject to Stock Available. The stock subject to change without notice. "first come first service".

(4)      Seller has no obligation for the quotation before the reconfirmation of Buyer’s acceptance by written.

(5)      Seller’s quotation is based on the information provided. Any change in that will result change in the quotation.

(6)      Unless otherwise specified, Seller’s quotation does not Include the following:

-        Choice of individual product;

-        Shifting charges for the choice, photograph, Inspection & etc.; 

-        Inspection & Survey Report, Service available upon request;

-        Forwarding;

-        Insurance coverage;

-        Storage charges due to exceeding of free time, if any.

-        Extra shifting charge due to congestion in the depot at the time of pick-up;

-        All charges due to wrong, delayed or incomplete instruction from Buyer.

-        Extra charge due to extreme whether or war, strikes, riots, rebellion, insurrection, lock-outs or Acts of God.

-        Any service hasn't been stated in Seller’s quotation.

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