9. Taxes, duties, charges and other liabilities

The Equipment will be in a duty and VAT suspended state under the temporary importation procedures applicable to equipment used in international trade. The Buyer accepts that all rights and obligations relating to these procedures transfer to the Buyer upon completion of the sale. The Buyer further agrees that the Equipment will not be resold or otherwise disposed of in any country unless the Buyer pays all applicable taxes, customs or import duties or other charges including (but not limited to) any such charges necessary to domesticate the Equipment in accordance with the laws of that country. If upon the Seller passing title to the Equipment the Buyer does not take immediate steps to domesticate the Equipment, the Buyer undertakes to arrange forthwith re- exportation of the Equipment from the country where it is located as at the time of sale. The Seller makes no warranty or representation as to the prior payment or current applicability of such taxes, duties or other charges, either in the United States or elsewhere. Any sales, transfer, turnover, value added, excise or other taxes (except net income taxes imposed on Seller) applicable to the sale and delivery of the Equipment shall be borne by the Buyer and the Buyer shall provide the Seller with proof of payment of any such taxes, duties or other charges upon Seller’s request. The Buyer shall, upon demand, reimburse the Seller for any such taxes, duties or other charges paid by the Seller. The Buyer accepts full responsibility for compliance with domestic laws and regulations relating to the Buyer’s ownership and use of the Equipment and further agrees to use, operate, maintain, and dispose of the Equipment (including any component parts thereof or any generators or other parts attached thereto) in full and complete compliance with manufacturers’ recommendations and all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations.

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